MaRaiz Design Products was founded by the architect & product designer Mariza Tsiligkiridi to offer furniture, lighting fixtures and objects of top quality and aesthetics.

In every construction, each part has a predetermined use. MaRaiz Design Products prove the exact opposite. Materials that live in obscurity take a different role; furniture about to go to waste is dismantled or used unaltered in imaginative and peculiar compositions.

The designer's source of inspiration involves streets, old-stuff shops, warehouses, industries, construction sites, travels and music. She likes to create functional spaces and practical furniture by combining traditional and industrial design in an innovative way. She also believes that the architecture of both spaces and objects is a living organism that should be in the position to transform easily according to the users’ needs.

In 2017, the design “The Cava Project” gets the Bronze A’ Design Award at Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Competition of the International A’ Award and CompetitionsThen, Mariza Tsiligkiridi is officially nominated for the Prime “Designer of the Year” title by the IAD members.

MaRaiz Design Products are designed, tested and assembled in the studio. This procedure is repeated over and over again until the product fulfils all prerequisites, both functionally and aesthetically, in order to go to production.

The metallic, acrylic and wooden parts of the products are machine produced and processed. The finish of all products is hand-made.

Member of ICCI (International Council of Creative industries), IDC (International Design Club), IAD (International Association of Designers).

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MaRaiz Design Products | 6, Pampouki st. Neo Psychico 15451, Athens - Greece | +30210 6741568, +30 6932535967

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